Top 5 Tips for
Instagram Organic Growth


Instagram Growth

1. 30 Hashtags

Instagram allows on any given post 30 Hashtags - some marketers use the comments section to post the hashtags as they don’t want to look spammy or desperate.

So, make sure that you use hashtags that are industry/area specific and not to mention trending before your post goes out. This will get the specific post in the race to be noticed and if the design/content stops a person browsing then the next step is usually hitting the follow button.

2. Memes

People go to social media mainly for two reasons, information and fun.

Industry specific memes can help garner followers quicker than most conventional methods. Meme makers are slowly becoming a specialized market where they rack up anywhere between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 4-6 crore in yearly turnover.

Company brands use memes for self promotion, taking a dig at competition and for product/service launches.

So, people will enjoy a good laugh, tag their buddy and also hit the ‘Follow’ button while doing so.

3. Never Sell

The more you sell directly, the fewer followers you will have unless you are in the f&b sector.

Indirect selling is the name of the game. For example: offer a free give away as part of a competition and all they have to do to participate is tag a friend and follow your page and somewhere in the content area direct them to the website link so they can see that the brand is more than just fun and games.

4. Customer Testimonials

The highest engagement is via video content and nothing promotes the brand faster than a customer talking about their experience. Too many or all positive reviews will have a reverse effect so need to be extra careful when recording and sharing such content.

5. Make Friends

Be active by commenting/liking on similar industry specific Insta Handles as people love to read other people’s opinions and if they like what they read then they would want to make friends with you too. It works the same way in real life as well.