When Does Your Awesome Smart Phone become a Stupid Phone?


“Life is what Happens when You are Looking at Your  Smartphone”


A New Dawn of the Smartphone is upon us. We are experiencing change and new models at a rapid pace, the waiting lines and waiting periods for them are also getting longer.

How much of this smartness can the human race handle?

Most of our activities are governed by our phones such that we can’t imagine stepping out without them and if, God Forbid, the inevitable does happen then the whole day is spent disoriented.

Our reach has gone global within a span of few years and almost every corner on Earth along with few miniscule parts of space is now connected by either 3G, 4G and aiming for a more dynamic reach with the soon to be released 5G.

The danger lies when necessity transits to addiction but before we dive into the obvious, let’s explore 5 mind blowing facts about our first love – The Smartphone

1.  The very first Smartphone was actually lauched by IBM in August of 1994 with a touch screen and had pre intalled functions like a calculator, calendar, note pad and address book. ¹

2.  Since the Japanese are fond of using their phones even in the shower, 90% phones sold there are water proof. ¹

3.  With a 26 carat black diamond ‘Home’ button and solid gold casing plus chassis inlaid with 600 white diamonds, the $15 million iPhone launched in 2013 is the most expensive Smartphone till date.

4.  The present mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon. ²

5.  In 2016, the population of Earth was estimated to be 7.45 billion; out of which 4 billion own mobile phones and only 3.5 billion own a tooth brush 😵

With such a huge reach, there are bound to be repercussions.

Here are the Top 5 habits that suggest your Smartphone has transcended to your very own personal Stupidphone:

1. When they take up too much of your time. From a basic need to addiction to compulsive behavior – this is one route that you should not be taking.

2. When you end up disturbing others in a classroom, cinema hall or any public gathering.

3. When your children who are not old enough to count are swiping away – give this article a look see.

(Harmful Effects Of Smartphones On Children – https://bit.ly/2qVvLy5)

4. When you are developing back aches and neck pains during the day due to excessive use.

5. And last but not the least when you start ignoring human interaction and prefer to chat to someone who is online.

“The Smartphones and the computers separates everybody, makes you think that you don’t need anybody else”

~ Bootsy Collins

The Smartphone is an ally that is worth befriending and using it to make life easier. There are some that are even monetizing its use to earn their daily bread and butter.

In the end, let your ally be the one that is under your control and not vice versa.

You must learn to ensure that there is a method to the madness and to summarize our blog, here are Top 3 hacks to get more out of life than become a slave to the system:

1. Create a discipline around your phone, for e.g.: switch off your data plan when you come home and keep in mind that if it’s really that important then they will MOST DEFINITELY call you.

2. Switch off notifications of Apps that are unimportant like facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tinder, Gaming Apps as that constant ‘PING’ makes you want to check the phone and as mentioned above if it’s really that important you will get that call.

3. If you are a Braveheart, then put your phone on silent during Movie Time, Family Time and other such gatherings that demand human interaction so that you are more ‘IN’ the moment rather that being 80% focused on your phone.

“We are robots, and our smartphones are the remotes that control us”

Don’t let this quote ever come true. Do share your thoughts on the above pointers.

Till the next blog – stay safe and stay happy!




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